UFC 264
Conor McGregor (ITD) +150 over Dustin Poirier

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Posted at 12:30 PM EST. 

UFC 264 - T Mobile Arena - Las Vegas, NV

Conor McGregor (Inside the Distance) +150 over Dustin Poirier

12:15 AM EST. We are not going to wax poetic about Conor McGregor, nor are we going to blast him. You can find more than enough content covering both areas that doing so here would be redundant. This play is strictly a numbers game. Frankly, we could give no fucks about McGregor or his antics, hype, or hyperbole. Here is what we do care about. The first time these two fought way back at UFC 178, McGregor closed as the chalk in the -250 range. He won that fight. In the rematch, post-Mayweather, whiskey and rap sheets, "Notorious" was engulfed by the market, and he went from -175 at open to closing at better than 3-1. He lost. However, not as bad or embarrassingly as some pundits and his haters would have you believe.

The rise of Dustin Poirier has been a satisfying one for the hardcore fight fans. "Diamond" is a great fighter that many that watch every fight, every week had on their radar as long as a decade ago. Dude has finally got his well deserved due in recent years, as he's headlined many cards, won some big fights over some of the greats and got paid, primarily being the Batman to McGregor's Joker.

When this line opened, "Diamond" Dustin was the pooch. As of this writing, he is very much not. So what does that mean? That "Mystic Mac" will regain his form? No. All it says is that the efficient market has taken a stand. Perhaps it’s based on recent results, or perhaps, they, too have grown tired of the "Notorious" one living up to his moniker. Again, we couldn't care less. As value players, there is only one bet to make. "Mystic Mac" to knock his fucking block off. 


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Our Pick

Conor McGregor (ITD) +150 (Risking 2 units - To Win: 3.00)

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