Washington -1 +168 over PHILADELPHIA

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Posted at 3:30 PM EST. 

Washington -1½ +168 over PHILADELPHIA

7:05 PM EST. In their four game set with Atlanta, Philadelphia posted a paltry 12 runs, including a deuce in its 2-1 win yesterday afternoon. The Phillies are the definition of a wolf in sheep's clothing in that they are considered playoff contenders when they are very much pretenders. A -23 run differential is the reddest of flags when considering what to make of the Phillies 49-49 record. For some perspective, the 43-57 Marlins are a +1. Baseball is a funny game.

Taking the mound for Philly today will be Spencer Howard (RHP - PHI), who we have written about before. He's a hard throwing youngster with some quality pitches. However, like Triston McKenzie and others, it's not easy for the kids to put it together day in and day out right away at the top level. This season, Spencer has made it out of the third inning just once. The Phils are handling him with kid gloves, which does not bode well for his backers. When Spencer is through, even if he's light's out, he hands the ball to one of the worst bullpens in all of baseball with many outs to go.

While there is some risk backing Joe Ross (RHP - WAS) after an IL stint, that risk is offset by the fact he will face the toothless Phillies. The Nationals can rack up the runs and are capable of hanging a crooked number at any time. They're a file foil to fade these Phillies, which is the name of the game.


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Our Pick

Washington -1 +168 (Risking 2 units - To Win: 3.36)