Cincinnati -1 vs CHICAGO
Cincinnati -1 +187 over CHICAGO

Pinnacle -1½ +187 BET365 -1½ +160 SportsInteraction N/A BetOnlin-1½ +185 Bookmaker N/A

Posted at 3:30 PM EST. 

Cincinnati -1½ +187 over CHICAGO

8:05 PM EST. The Reds stumbled out of the gate, perhaps tripping on some preseason hype, but they are beginning to round into form. Wade Miley (LHP - CIN) gets the nod today and while he's not spectacular, he's solid and steady as they come. We'll take that any night of the week. Most impressive is his 51.8% groundball rate, which is elite and even more exceptional when you consider the bandbox he pitches in.

The Cubs might be the worst team in baseball. Maybe we are poisoned because we watch way too much of this shit, but there is nothing that they do well from our perch. Their "stars" are long past expiry, the prospect cupboard is pretty bare all things considered and they are trending downward in the NL Central.

When Kyle Hendricks (RHP - CHI) is your ace, you have fucking pitching problems. Big time. Like the Twins, the Cubs could be on pins and needles as well with the trade deadline looming. They've got some big names, making big bucks. It's over for this core and this will be the first time that GM Jed Hoyer can start to build the franchise in his image after taking over from Theo Epstein last offseason. We could crap on Hendricks, believe us, there is much fodder, but we'll save that for next time. There is more than enough here to put a huge fade target on the North Siders 


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Our Pick

Cincinnati -1 +187 (Risking 2 units - To Win: 3.74)