Arizona @ ST. LOUIS
Arizona +151 over ST. LOUIS

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Posted at 3:15 PM EST.

Arizona +151 over ST. LOUIS

6:15 PM EST. Who the fuck is Wade Leblanc (LHP - STL) to be laying lumber like this while the Cardinals are in freefall mode? Seriously?! This is the motherfucker the Red Birds found to get back on track? As for fodder, bless you, Mike Shildt, for making our jobs that much easier today. We truly appreciate it. We could annihilate Leblanc here, but why reach for such low hanging fruit? We could just as easily shoot fish in a barrel or roll a stone downhill. Ours and your time would be better spent. All we'll say is that there is a damn good reason Leblanc's closet looks like a bowl of lucky charms. Dude's got every colour of the rainbow and probably had to build an addition on his house just to make room for all the wardrobe changes, that is if he stayed anywhere long enough to see that project to completion. San Diego, Miami, Houston, Anaheim, the Bronx, Seattle, Baltimore and St. Louis. Parents, tie your kid's right arm to their sides, go outside and start lefty long tossing. You can make a career out of being perfectly mediocre, at best.

Who is Jake Faria (RHP - ARI)? Who cares, that’s who. While this play is a fade on the reeling Red Birds, we'll point to one tasty nugget before signing off. Today on Covers, the Diamondbacks were featured as a "must-fade" right there on the front page. Y'all, if this shit were that easy, we'd all be rich. The market is easily influenced by salacious headlines such as that, and they often listen. The Covers consensus (73%) and the line movement suggests that's the case today. As for Faria, he's not likely to see a long outing and the same could be said for Leblanc. To give you an idea of how pumped Shildt is to give Leblanc a crack, we'll leave you with this gem, "He's thrown well in longer relief outings for us. We'll give Wade a shot at it and let him pitch." Inspiring, skip. Dude has been cut, waived or traded by 25 teams and now he’s priced like he’s Trevor Bauer. Get the fuck outta here.


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Our Pick

Arizona +151 (Risking 2 units - To Win: 3.02)

Baltimore -1 +170 over DETROIT
Cincinnati -1 +230 over N.Y. METS
Colorado -1 +200 over SAN DIEGO