Cleveland @ DETROIT
DETROIT +132 over Cleveland

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Posted at 12:45 PM EST. 

DETROIT +132 over Cleveland

Tarik Skubal (LHP - DET) is coming off his first win of the season, giving up just two runs on four hits to the Mariners last Wednesday. Skubal now brings a 1-6 record to the table with a chance to win back to back games for the first time in his young career. One of the reasons that Skubal has had limited success in the bigs is because he's been unable to transfer his elite minor league strikeout prowess at this level. That's not to say it won't come, because he has the stuff and he’ll study the batters. The Tigers are loaded with quality pitching prospects and Skubal is very much a part of that mix. His 5.45 ERA is a work in progress, but he's improving game by game. Dude flamed nine M's in five innings last time out and has now struck out 13 batters over 11 innings in his two starts prior to that. Skubal has also been better at home, where he sports a 4.09 ERA across 22 innings pitched.

Aaron Civale (RHP - CLE) is perfectly serviceable when in the role of the underdog, but spotting a price on the road with him and the Indians is not a play we can get behind. Civale sports a 3.30 ERA, but that number is propped up by a low swing and miss rate that sits at just 9.6%, well below the league average. He's also been quite lucky with a BABIP of .230. League average is .284 so a correction is inevitably forthcoming. When you walk guys and have limited strikeout potential, over time, that trouble is going to catch up with you. Civale has two wins already this season over the Tigers, butt his will now be the third time they have seen him. That can’t hurt. Backing up Civale are some of the weakest sticks in all of baseball, as the Indians are third worst in batting average at .217. Against lefties, the Tribe are hitting just .213. The streets of Vegas are littered with tickets featuring weak hitting road favorites with serviceable pitchers starting. Today’s overpriced Indians might add more litter to The Strip.


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