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1 MLB 2-team parlay
1 MLB 2-team parlay

BEST LINES:  888 Sports 

Posted at 12:30 PM EST. 

NOTE: We understand that most people cannot make these wagers because of region restrictions, sportsbooks restrictions or whatever other reason. These wagers are only available at 888SPORT and we've receoived numerous emails about it. We are therefore not including these wagers in our official results. We are removing all past results and will keep a running total going in this thread every day instead.

Thursday, June 14 (0-1 -1.00 units)

Year-to-date 11-64 (-25.00 units)


A correlated parlay is a parlay that is related in such a way that if one of the selections occurs, the other is likely to occur also. In other words, if Philadelphia is -1½ and the total is 8½, if Philly does indeed win, chances are strong that the game will go over the total. Or, if the game goes over the total, chances are very good that the team spotting the -1½ runs will cover. Taking the underdog +1½ and parlaying it with the under is also correlated.

Go to your sportsbook and try and make a two-game baseball parlay with any team spotting -1½-runs and over --- or any underdog taking +1½ runs and under and you will get a message that says the two are related and the bet is not allowed. Sportsbooks do not allow correlated parlays in any sport (NHL would be -1½ and over 5½ for instance), but if you have an account at 888Sport, you can make this bet that sportsbooks do not allow.  

When you go to their baseball section, click on the game of your choice and then underneath the game, you will see “Match Parlay”. Click on that and it gives you the options to bet these types of parlays with the payouts.

Please note that we are looking for the best value in these parlays and not trying to predict outcomes. The parlays are correlated and should not be allowed but that doesn’t mean we’re going to win. It means over time we’ll win by finding the best value parlays.  We’ll post all of our correlated parlays in one thread and all will be for 1 unit.

These parlays are allowed at 888SPORT

The correlated parlays that we’re playing today (June 15) are:  

2-team parlay

Philadelphia -1½ & over 8½ +340

7:20PM EST. Value because the total is actually 9.   

Boston -2½ & over 8½ +255

7:10 PM EST. Value because the total is o8½ -120 and there is a bigger correlation with spotting 2½-runs and going over the total.

Total risk here is 2 unit.


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Our Pick

1 MLB 2-team parlay (Risking 1 units - To Win: 0.00)




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