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WASH/N.Y. Mets under 8 -106

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Posted at 12:45 PM EST.

1:00 PM EST. Last season we played more baseball totals than ever before and we’re committed to doing the same this year and if it works out, we’ll start posting even more. We’ve been studying weather conditions and how it affects the flight of the baseball and now have the resources to put that to use. 

The effects of humidity on air density is very slight and is actually opposite what it is commonly purported to be. The common reputation of humidity is that it is heavy; however, this is a misnomer. Humidity is actually light for a projectile to fly through, because there is more hydrogen in humid air than in dry air, which contains a larger percentage of nitrogen. And, of course, nitrogen is heavier than hydrogen.

There is a scale that takes into account humidity, as well as temperature and elevation-related barometric pressure that gives us an Air Density Index reading at every ballpark or zip code and the reading today at Nationals Park for their game versus the Mets at 1:00 PM EST is 75.00. Keep in mind that Coors Field is generally in the low 50’s while almost all other parks are between 60 and 80. Also keep in mind that low Air Density Index means high scoring and a high reading means low scoring. This is an extremely high reading. We recorded all the Air Density readings at every park last year and here is a small sample of some of our findings:

Nationals Park - 20003

64.69 5-3 (15/3)

62.93 23-5 (32/8)

64.44 6-3 (17/3)

69.13 2-1 (11/1)

70.60 4-2 (13/2)

The above sample shows Air-Density Reading – followed by the final score and then hits/home-runs in parenthesis. You’ll notice the two highest Air Density readings we had on record last year was between 69.13 and 70.60 and both those games went under the posted total.  That number beside Nationals Park is the zip code of where the stadium is located to give us the most accurate reading available. 

Today that Air Density Index, which takes into consideration, elevation, humidity, current temperature and barometric pressure is 75.00. The above sample is also just a few of last year’s readings just to give you an example. 

Please keep in mind that we’re still experimenting with these readings when applying them to baseball totals. We’re fine tuning as we go along but we’ve put in the work and have a clear understanding of how this all works. We have studied and recorded results for two years. We’re not even going to consider the pitchers too much because the oddsmakers have already done that work for us but if our readings on the conditions are correct, this game is supposed to come in well under the number because weather plays a massive roll on whether games go over or under the number.

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WASH/N.Y. Mets under 8 -106 (Risking 2.12 units - To Win: 2.00)




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Toronto +165 over N.Y. YANKEES
N.Y. Mets +150 over PHILADELPHIA
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