Here is a quick tutorial on betting horses on BETFAIR’s betting exchange. This is part of the horse racing webinar that I’ve been running recently in order to provide you with some simple methods of what I’m looking for in “fading” horses and how to bet them. Unfortunately, the video freezes at about the 20 minute mark but you can still hear and follow what I’m doing. I’ll make another video soon (a better one) but I wanted to post this now for those want to learn my methods.

The first thing you have to do is open an account at Betfair. Please click on this link to open an account: Betfair

Here are the links to the FREE websites and information that you’ll need to research and play my theories.  You can watch races on this site and also download for free the Australian racing forms. You have to sign up but it’s all free once you do. Free racing forms

In depth trainers stats

Australian trainers in-depth stats:

European trainer stats:

Horse Racing will be put on the back burner at this busy time, as BETFAIR has made Canada a restricted region. This tutorial, however can be utilized by anyone not in a restricted region. 

We've also provided you with a video tutorial on how "laying" or taking action on horses at Betfair works.  THIS VIDEO is best viewed in FULL SCREEN! 


 One of the great appeals of Betfair is that they are a resource for betting on horse racing (and other events) and provide us with an opportunity to “act like a bookmaker” and lay horses (take action). Betfair acts only as a facilitator to these events, therefore they have no monetary interest in the outcome. They are a betting exchange that allows us to offer odds on any sporting event or horse race.

Betfair allows you to take action on a horse to lose or to finish out of the money (1st 2nd or 3rd) and/or they also allow you to bet horses to win or finish in the top 3 positions. 

RangeWLP+/- (Units)
Last 30 Days000.000.00
Season to Date000.000.00