Edmonton @ WINNIPEG
WINNIPEG -9 -110 over Edmonton

Pinnacle -10 -104 BET365 -9½ -110 SportsInteraction -9½ -110 BetOnlin-9½ -110 Bookmaker -9½ -110

Posted at 5:15 PM EST. 

WINNIPEG -9½ -110 over Edmonton

8:30 PM EST. On the surface, we can certainly see the appeal of taking back a pile of points like this with Trevor Harris back in the lineup for the Elks. So much so in fact that we bet Edmonton when the line opened at +12½. The point is, we were sucked into what looked to be a total fucked up number and so were many others. Some in this market would have you believe that there is tremendous closing line value in that ticket we hold, but truth be told, we can’t wait to get out of that bet.

The Blue Bombers are 7-1, but have had a pretty shitty week after league leading wide receiver Kenny Lawler was arrested for impaired driving early Monday morning and will now sit out this week after being suspended. That drama may have taken some shine off the Bombers, but we’re not going to worry about it. Kenny is just one cog in a machine that is producing quality results. Besides, they are facing an Elks side that is also making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

While not nearly as severe, former player and now former analyst Eddie Steele was fired from his post on the Elks’ radio broadcasts for criticizing general manager Brock Sunderland on a podcast. It might look like a nothing story, but we can say from experience that the Elks organization from the top-down has been a mess for a long, long time. This is not your daddy’s juggernaut of the 1970s and 80s. This is a team run by tiny men with big egos that cannot take the heat. Fuck, we could only imagine what would happen if Sunderland saw our email inbox. Dude would wet his pants and cry like a baby. 

If you work in the Elks office or at 630 CHED, tell Sunderland and the spineless program director that fired Steele that the big man was right. It is all Sunderland’s fault the team is the shits and until he gets run out of the Alberta capital, the Elks are going to be a big fucking joke. Even then, it’s not going to matter because the Elks are run by the same old boys club that has continually soiled its pants year after year. The station is complicit here, too, for its role in giving into the Elks and their bullshit. This was not the first time and it won’t be the last.

We hate to pull back the curtain here, but your local radio station or sports franchise does not give a shit about you. All they care about is money and doing shit as cheaply as possible. If you paint your face up in Elks’ green and gold on game day, bless you, but do not think for one second that anyone on the Elks’ board of directors would cross the street to piss on you if you were on fire. That is unless you had a dollar hanging out of your pocket.

The best part about not being tied up with some mega-media corporation or a sports franchise that doesn’t give a shit about you, us, or the communities they say through gritted teeth they “serve” (as long as the cash is rolling in), is that when it is appropriate, we can tell both to “fuck off.” So Elkies, 630 CHED, straight from the bottoms of our crusty old hearts, “fuck off.” Go Bombers.


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Our Pick

WINNIPEG -9 -110 (Risking 2.20 units - To Win: 2.00)