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Winnipeg @ HAMILTON
HAMILTON +133 over Winnipeg

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Posted at 12:00 PM EST.

7:30 PM EST. We watch CFL just like the rest of the market. We have seen the Tigercats crap the bed in almost every quarter of every one of their six games this year just like the rest of the market. We understand that the ‘Cats have almost no appeal and that they are very likely as bad as they look. The defense looks horrible, the offense looks broken, the coaching staff looks clueless and the fans in the stands look ugly and hairy. The men don’t look so good either. It is rather impossible to make a case for Hamilton here if we’re looking at X’s and O’s but we’re not looking at X’s and O’s because there are other more important factors to consider. If X’s and O’s won and covered every game, we’d all be rich. Situationally, Hamilton will not be in a better spot all year and that is the basis for this choice.

Winnipeg is coming off two improbable wins in a row over Montreal and Ottawa respectively. Against the Als two weeks ago, the Bombers pulled a rabbit, the size of Manitoba, out of their hats when they rallied from 12 down with 58 seconds remaining to pull out a miraculous 41-40 victory. About 20 things had to go perfect for Winnipeg to rally and it did, including an onside kick. Last week, we explained why Winnipeg won and it wasn’t because they were the better team. It was because Ottawa’s Coach Rick Campbell has no idea how the scoring works in the CFL and handed the Bombers a gift (A full explanation of what happened can be found here).

That’s back-to-back miracle wins for the Bombers. Last week’s miracle victory was on the road on the East Coast. Two emotional wins in succession usually equals a letdown. The CFL docket consists of 18 games. Almost every team makes the playoffs so it’s not like every single game is crucial like it is in the NFL (16 games) or College (12 games). It would be unreasonable to expect any team to be sharp for all 18 games, thus, there will be games in which every team performs poorly. That’s the way this one sets up for the Bombers. You see, Winnipeg will play the 0-6 Tigercats here in Hamilton. On Thursday of this coming week, the Bombers play the 6-0 Eskimos back in Winnipeg. That gives the Bombers little time to prepare. This game is therefore sandwiched between two miracle and emotional wins and a showdown with the undefeated Eskies that the media and fans are anxiously anticipating. If Hamilton can’t take advantage of this perfect spot, shame on them. ‘Cats outright get this call. 

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Our Pick

HAMILTON +133 (Risking 2 units - To Win: 2.66)



OTTAWA -1 -101 over Saskatchewan