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PHILADELPHIA +120 over Minnesota
OT included. After a rough stretch that saw them lose four in a row, Minnesota bounced back with three consecutive wins. That’s nice but those ...
Tampa Bay -½ +132 over TORONTO
Regulation only. There’s nothing we can say about the Maple Leafs that hasn’t already been stated since they dropped a 9-2 decision ...
St. Louis -½ +141 over MONTREAL
Regulation only. The Canadiens recently reeled off six wins in a row before losing to the Penguins in their last game 4-0. At the start...
Florida +157 over SAN JOSE
OT included. The Panthers are a feisty group loaded with young talent that is going to be a force to reckon with sometime in the next two...
Kansas State +120 over WEST VIRGINIA
Both Kansas State and West Virginia enter on low notes with West Virginia perhaps being the lower of the two after losing two straight ...
Montreal +3½ -105 over HAMILTON
This game goes on Sunday and although we’re not 100% sure which way this line will move, if any, we like the +3½ -105 right now so we’ll play it today. ...
New strategy for NBA…….NBA starts on Oct 28 and the goal here is always to make money....

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Nov 19, 2014 12:50:00
Montreal is +4 at Bookmaker
Mick Maguire
Even better, as long as the juice isn't -120 or more.
Nov 13, 2014 13:30:34
I have been surprised about the lack of comment in the media about the massive impact that officials now have on the NFL (all other sports are following) , so I was interested in yours this morning re the BUF/MIAMI game. The Networks covering College and NFL games now have instant reviews by ex-officials of the officials calls. It was interesting also at one of the latest Steeler games the media commenting on the number of empty seats at one of the most solid places for NFL football. Well it's one thing to watch in the comfort of your own home with fridge, washroom, remote close at hand and drunks not close at hand and another to be at the game for what is now close to 3 and a half hours. It is impossible to get into the flow of the game at a stadium because there simply isn't any with the amount of dead time. I check in on your site a couple times a day and right or wrong always enjoy your analysis of the various sports. For what it's worth BUF +51/2!!
Thanks Mike for a great letter and for your support. You hit the nail right on the head. Good luck with the Bills.
Nov 10, 2014 10:50:25
Great play on the Oilers. I was at the game and they were loose, confident and controlled the tempo most of the game. The Rangers were wound up tight and not able to skate with them much of the time. It took the Rangers 9 minutes to get a SOG in the 3rd when they were down a goal. I really hope they keep over valuing this mediocre squad.
That's very cool Magus. Thanks for the report, live from MSG and if you go again and notice something worth sharing, please do.