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San Fran -½ +103 over COLORADO (1st 5 innings)
Ho, hum. Last season was just another Just another 200-IP, outstanding skills year for Madison Bumgarner. Bumgarner’s strikeout...
CLEVELAND +100 over KC (1st 5 innings)
Both these teams have nine wins but when we look at the Royals victories we see that seven of them have occurred against the...
Texas +144 over OAKLAND (1st 5 innings)
Due to all of the pitching injuries suffered by the Rangers, Nick Martinez made the starting rotation out of spring training. ...
PHILADELPHIA -109 over N.Y. Rangers
OT included. We can’t stress enough how big that last victory at MSG to tie this series up was for the Flyers. Up 1-0 in the ...
San Jose +108 over LOS ANGELES
OT included. Is there anything in the Kings’ game that suggests they can turn this series around or even win a game? We think not. ...
Washington +5½ -110 over CHICAGO
The Wizards led most of the first half in Game 1. They subsequently fell behind by 12 points early in the third before rallying for ...

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Apr 22, 2014 11:41:27
Games like Pitt/Columbus sometimes makes me wonder why I didn't find another hobby. I really liked the Jackets in that spot.Tough loss. Come back strong.
It's just so difficult to predict the outcome of any game and that's why I stress playing value. Columbus had an opportunity but completely blew it and they didn't play well either. How can they take that many penalties in a game of that magnitude? Didn't foresee that coming at all. Three minutes in, it looked like the play of the day. That changed quickly. Thanks for the words of encouragement.
Apr 18, 2014 18:06:01
Win or lose the pick should not count for this column. Should we just assume to play the other side of your pick if it goes to overtime going forward?
Marty B.
Had that pick lost and I didn't include it, I'd have 500 people complaining. Of course you should not assume anything. The line dictates the play in many instances. For instance, had St. Louis been -150 in OT, I would not have played it because I would be putting myself in a net loss situation. By betting St. Louis @ -103, it tuned it into a no loss, no win situation. Use your own judgement and wager accordingly. I take this stuff seriously. I don't do it for fun. When I can save a bet, I will because if affects my bottom line. Furthermore, it also educates others that have the same options as I do to make a smart wager when it's available.
Apr 18, 2014 16:24:30
It is kind of ridiculous you post a pick than post the change on twitter placing a live action play. How are we supposed to follow you. This seems kind of desperate and seems like you are trying to manipulate your record. Confused
It's no manipulation at all. The play could have lost just as easily as it won. I was merely giving those that wanted, the option of coming back and saving a bet, just like I did. It was the smart move because OT is such a coin toss and I made the bet myself so why not share? Many handicappers that share information do exactly the same thing, that being betting live and sharing the info. If it's going to benefit the bottom line, I'll do it every time.
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Sports Interaction