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Nashville -½ +140 over CALGARY
We like the Flames. We’ve liked them all year and we know for sure that when we back them, we’re going to get an honest effort. Rarely will the Flames...
Hamilton -6½ +100 over OTTAWA
Indeed Henry Burris would love nothing more than to stick it to his old team and coach and make life very difficult for the Tiger-Cats. By defeating ...
San Diego +121 over MIAMI
The Dolphins have won three of four with only loss over that span occurring against Green Bay in the final seconds. They have won back-to-back road...
KANSAS CITY -9 +100 over N.Y. Jets
The Geno Smith as the starter experiment ends up being almost as bad as the Tim Tebow experiment. In the end the people that ...
NEW ENGLAND +3 +100 over Denver
This is the marquee matchup of the weekend and it will be without question the most watched game of the NFL this season that is not featured...
Jacksonville +10½ -110 over CINCINNATI
Cincinnati found itself at a unique crossroads late in last Sunday's game against Baltimore. Down four with less than four minutes remaining ...
New strategy for NBA…….NBA starts on Oct 28 and the goal here is always to make money....

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Oct 27, 2014 21:45:12
Tough loss tonight. Adding Thomas Vanish will not help the Wild shed their reputation as a team that wilts in the spotlight. They have a talented roster, but are paper tigers until they prove otherwise. Proceed with caution. I do agree with your strategy of fading the Rangers and will continue to pursue that angle.
Not sure I agree with that Joel. They have not been in the spotlight enough to "wilt" because they have never been considered true contenders like a San Jose or a Vancouver team from a a few years ago. I don't see them being paper tigers at all. Last night was just one of those very bizarre games that happen a handful of times a year. You aren't likely to see Minnesota blow a three-goal, 3rd period lead again this year or even any 3-goal lead again. In any case, Minnesota is still very high on our radar and we'll continue to play them.
Oct 27, 2014 18:06:19
The majority of your selections are 2 units. What criteria do you use when you increase a pick to 3 units. Thanks Jon
Jon: My #1 criteria is value. When I see something that has tremendous value, like the Wild last night, we'll step in for 3 units.
Oct 25, 2014 23:59:50
Brian, couple of questions: any chance you could put yourr nba tutorial on you tube or something like that for the technologically challenged of us and second, sid you say that your offshore sponsers would accept and send payments through western union? Keep up the great work.
Paul: I'll attempt to record it and post it on You Tube. Not sure if it will work. When you say technically challenged, do you mean, you don't have Skype or you don't know how to use it? Because if that is the case, all you have to do is turn your Skype on if you have it and if you don't, you can download, install and use it for free. There is really nothing technical you need to know about the way I'm presenting the tutorial. Just log on to Skype, watch and listen. I hope you can make it Paul and if you can't, again, I'll try my best to record it and post it on You Tube. In regards to Western Union: I'm pretty sure it's an option for all sportsbooks but when you log on to any one of their sites, look up the payment and withdrawal options and it's very clear as to what their methods of payments and withdrawals are. Best of luck Paul.
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Sports Interaction