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BOSTON -Ĺ +144 over Anaheim
Regulation only. Much has been said over the past couple of weeks regarding the Bruins faltering badly at this crucial time. ...
Florida -Ĺ +111 over TORONTO
Regulation only. The Maple Leafs played their best game in weeks on Monday against Minnesota but still lost 2-1. The Leafs best player ...
New Jersey +182 over WASHINGTON
OT included. Against any formidable foe the Capitals are not worthy of being in this price range and right now the Devils are very formidable....
CAROLINA +140 over Pittsburgh
OT included. The Penguins are so overpriced while the Hurricanes are so underpriced, which combines to make this a true value play...
Los Angeles +102 over N.Y. ISLANDERS
OT included. The Islanders have one victory over their last six games and that occurred against New Jersey. Prior to that, their last victory ...
Notre Dame +118 over Wichita State
7:15 PM EST. The Wichita State story is a nice one. Itís the story of a mid-major rising to near the top of a sport that is dominated ...
Wisconsin -6 -111 over North Carolina
7:47 PM EST. Despite their prestigious reputation, the Tar Heels are not the UNC club that we are used to seeing in March Madness. ...
Xavier +10Ĺ -110 over Arizona
10:17 PM EST. We stress the importance of playing on value and the Xavier Musketeers have proven to be a quality play throughout this...
Gonzaga -8Ĺ -110 over UCLA
Friday, 7:15 PM EST. Steve Alford's Bruins caught a big break in the first round when they upset SMU on a goaltending call on a shot that had...
Texas Rangers under 78Ĺ -115
First, let us preface this with something we mention every year thatís worth repeating. When playing season win totals in any sport ...




Mar 25, 2015 15:20:36
Thanks for posting the Notre Dame pick early. If you have already decided, would you mind posting your picks for Friday before the first tip tomorrow. I might want to parlay your selections for this round of games if there are going to be multiple selections.
No promises Joel but I will do my best to post all games before Thursday's tip-off. Best of luck.
Mar 25, 2015 08:42:21
Sherwood: I can't thank you enough for your generosity of your time in running the NBA webinars. Last night, I started with a $9 bet on Milwaukee to beat Miami. I put your strategy to work and was free rolling very early. Anyway to make a long story short, at one point, after "switching" several times I was free rolling for $28 on Miami and Milwaukee went to 12-1. As per your strategy, I wagered the full $28 on Milwaukee and wouldn't you know it, they hit a shot at the buzzer to win it 89-88 and I cashed out $336 for a $6 bet. Your strategy is brilliant and it has worked for me on many other games as well. Thanks again Sherwood.
Thanks for taking the time to let me know Chazz. Seems like a few people did very well on that game. More importantly, stick with it and learn it and you'll do well every week in basketball and football. Your message made my day. Keep it going!
Mar 23, 2015 12:13:32
Hey Sherwood, I usually agree with you and have done very well shadowing your bets while researching mine, but today I have to strongly disagree with the analysis of the Ottawa-San Jose game. First, lets be real, the Sharks are dead, they are a very average group of forwards with a decent defense corps and a terrible goalie. They have 3 better teams then them to leapfrog and 6 points to make up. Ottawa is a top 10 offensive team in the NHL for the season. Living in Ottawa, I follow them very closely for betting purposes, and yes they have been erratic in goal the last 3 games but they still find ways. Hammond is a flash in the pan, he may be an average #1 goalie but he's no superstar. Ottawa's +19 in goal differential and that includes the terrible stretch from November to January under Paul McClean. There is little value in betting an ice cold team who is only coasting to the offseason vs a team as battle tested as the Senators. But you are right, the Sens in this game are overvalued and I wouldn't lay a half puck to get close to even money. This is a one goal game brewing. Sorry for the long winded answer and keep up the fantastic work.
Thank you Pete. I always respect those that comment before a game as oppose to after it. Living in Ottawa, I'm sure you have a better feel for the Sens than I do (unless you're a fan of course) so I have to appreciate what you said. However, judging by their play of late, I don't agree that the Sharks have quit and at the very worst, they surely want to make life miserable for a team trying to get in. We shall see soon enough. Thanks very much for the message, the kind words and the support.
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